Research Association for Maritime Law

Website of the Research Association for Maritime Law.

For Bremen and Bremerhaven, but also for the entire north-west, the proximity to the sea is characteristic. This is true for the economy, which is decisively shaped by trade, but also by logistics, as well as by the scientific community, which has for a long time made the sea and the marine environment the subject of world-wide and pioneering research. Both business, science and politics are dependent on the legal framework of their actions. This framework can be described as a "maritime law", which we would like to understand both public law and private law in all its forms, insofar as the law affects the relationship to the sea. Maritime law thus extends from marine environmental law through maritime trade law to international law.

The Northwest Metropolitan Region has a number of facilities that deal with maritime law.

In August 2012, the Association for the Promotion of Maritime Law was founded in the metropolitan region of Bremen / Oldenburg in the north-west. The participating scientific institutions have concluded cooperation agreements with the sponsoring association.

The task of the sponsoring association is to raise funds. These funds are awarded to the associated universities for the purpose of carrying out research projects or individual projects on the basis of a proposal from a specialist scientific advisory board.

A further priority is the promotion of young scientists in the field of maritime law.

It is the cooperative structure and the holistic perspective (public and private - economy, science and politics) that allows the research community to exchange with the world's leading centers of maritime law and build competences. These competencies make it possible to shape the international development and thereby shape German interests within the framework of international maritime policy and the law of the sea as well as the framework conditions for international trade.