Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Frank Arendt
Institute for Maritime Transport and Logistics
University of Bremen
Universitätsallee 11-13
28359 Bremen

Phone: 0421-22096-17
Mail: [email protected]
Prof. Arendt represents the ISL in the research group "Maritimes Recht". The ISL has good contacts with the maritime industry and authorities.
Extensive national and European experience in safety of maritime transport chains, e.g.
  • On visionary customs procedures (keyword "from push to pull")
  • To implement new laws and security initiatives (keyword 100% scanning law of the USA)
  • For the use of monitoring technology (for example, container security devices or electronic seals)
  • To restart processes in the GVZ after disturbances
Project-based logistical processes in the construction of offshore wind parks
Through cooperation with Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences / Institute for Safety and Security Studies (ISaSS), the possibility to carry out planning activities (for example, crisis staff) under laboratory environment in the local management and management center
Ms Renate Bartholomäus-Lüthge
Deputy Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Maritime Law
Mail: [email protected]
Dr. Thomas Brinkmann LL.M. in Admirality (Tulane)
Chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Maritime Law
Dr. Schackow & Partner Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB
Domshof 17
28195 Bremen

Phone: 0421-3699-148
Mail: [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Gralf-Peter Calliess
University of Bremen (Faculty of Law)
Institute for Commercial Law
Universitätsallee, GW1
28359 Bremen

Phone: 0421-218-66207
Mail: [email protected]
Civil law, international commercial law, international civil law, international civil procedure law, transnationalization and privatization of law, law and practice of international arbitration, competition of legal orders, economic analysis of private law, legal theory, legal sociology
Dr. Stefan Hain Alfred Wegener Institute
Am Handelshafen 12
27570 Bremerhaven

Phone: 0471-4831-1152
Dr. Till Markus, Ass. Jur., LL.M.
Secretary of the Association for the Promotion of Maritime Law
University of Bremen
Universitätsallee 11-13
28359 Bremen

Phone: 0421-218-66103
Mail: [email protected]
International environmental, EU, national public maritime law (in particular fishing rights, environmental law, energy law, resource depletion, WTO law, climate protection, climate engineering / law, EU maritime law, general questions of the UNCLOS and the implementation agreements as well as the right of international organizations in the maritime / marine sector.
Prof. Dr. jur. Thomas Wieske University of Bremerhaven
Institute of Logistics Law & Risk Management
Degree in Transportation / Logisticsk
An der Karlstadt 8
27568 Bremerhaven

Mail: [email protected]
  • Transport, forwarding and logistics law, related to all modes of transport, including maritime trade
  • BA and MA work
  • Transport, forwarding and logistics law, technical and economic aspects of law; Lectures and training courses on the prevention and processing of damage
Prof. Dr. Elke Wietoska

Blaum Dettmers Rabstein

Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB und Notare

Am Wall 153-156
28195 Bremen

Phone: 0421-366010
Mail: [email protected]
University of Bremen