Since 2011, the research association "Maritimes Recht" has held scientific conferences on current topics in the field of maritime law with civil and public-law topics (link). In the year 2017, a conference was held concerning the fields of "electronic loading papers" and port-related developments.

The 5th Conference of maratime Law will start Thursday Afternoon, the 11,21, 2019 and finish Friday Noon, the 11,22, 2019. The topics will be announced shortly.

These are the topics of the last conferences (German only):

1st Conference 2011:

Programm 1.Konferenz 2011.PDF

2nd Conference 2013:

Programm 2.Konferenz 2013.pdf

3rd Conference 2015:

Programm 3.Konferenz 2015.pdf

4th Conference 2017:

Programm 4.Konferenz 2017.pdf